12:17 pm - Thu, Apr 17, 2014
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11:30 Lost In Love #NaPoWriMo2014

Lost in Love

Trying to follow the trail of beans I left there
Jelly beans to be exact
Jelly belly’s to be more exact
but I can follow

I was lead to this point
behind a shadow
because your human form lied
your shadow though, yea

I thought that was you
I followed it
left a cotton candy/ licorice trail
the beans I don’t like

now I’m stuck here
with you
well stuck here without you
and I have no idea how to get back

not sure If I want to get back
love so unappealing to me
blah to that
black jelly beans and cotton candy
blah to that


11:54 am

"You expect a power couple to pull power moves. Which is why you shouldn’t be shocked that Jay Z and Beyoncéare reportedly prepping one of the biggest musical power plays of all time."

-Gil Kaufman (Mtv)


11:37 am
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